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We Thank God for Your Interest in Joining with Us and Appreciate Your Prayer Request!

But let's first address what genuine Christianity is and the true meaning of Salvation!

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Our doors are open to anyone who desires true Christianity, i.e., a transformed life in Jesus Christ. As one visitor, in tears, shared with the Pastor following service, "Pastor Jones, I have never heard GOD'S Holy Word truly preached in context!"

Central to Living Exactly Like Jesus Baptist Church is [i] opening the Bible, [ii] learning GOD'S Holy Word in context, and [iii] living what we learn. We have been serving the community for more than 15 years. God has blessed us yet again with a new location, constructed Sanctuary specifically for LELJBC, beautiful décor, and a warm spirit-filled setting. The location offers nearby restaurants, shopping, hotels, and ample free parking.

Guidelines For Becoming An Online Member

[1] Recently, while attending a Seminar for Pastors, GOD revealed to Pastor Jones that many not physically attending Church Services is not an indication that [i] they do not "thirst" for a contextual, verse-by-verse, Word from GOD and [ii] they do not want to support sharing it. Since verse-by-verse contextual teaching and preaching, with utmost seriousness, govern LELJBC always, Online Membership must be offered.

[2] The guidelines for Online Members at LELJBC are as follows: [i] Embrace the Vision, [ii] Notify LELJBC in writing (via e-mail or e-form below) of one's sincere desire to join the ministry, [iii] return tithes & give offerings, [iv] schedule a date to have a teleconference/new members orientation with the Pastor, [v] be willing to participate via telephone (or otherwise) in important meetings, for example: women's prayer teleconference, bible study, etc., and [vi] display respect and reverence for GOD'S Church, GOD'S Pastor, GOD'S Services, & GOD'S People.

[3] Some benefits of Online Membership are [a] access to special biblical teachings from Pastor and LELJBC resources, [b] one-on-one video conferences with Pastor when necessary, [c] Church's celebration of members' birthdays, [d] Pastor's special monthly prayers for the members' children, [e] "virtual" participation in Sunday Services, Bible Study, Church Sunday School, etc.

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