Living Exactly Like Jesus Baptist Church

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Our Vision

  • To show members, visitors, the saved, and the lost that GOD desires, principally, a life of obedience To HIS Holy Word (i.e., accepting Jesus and living exactly like Jesus)

  • To show all that living a holy life is attainable through Jesus and is one's greatest accomplishment

  • To show all that a holy life produces limitless favor with GOD and unique, extraordinary blessings from Him


Our Mission (i.e. Efforts Toward the Vision)

1) The Pastor's personal and ministerial focus is, and will always be, living exactly like Jesus in all respects.

2) Preach the pure Gospel of Jesus Christ in context, without "clowning," and without fear at all times.

3) Living a Holy Life will govern the ministry in all respects, including (but not limited to) preaching, teaching, evangelizing, serving, counseling, working, helping, etc.

4) Conduct ourselves like Jesus in dealing with our fellow man, in handling our affairs, in managing our household, and in undergoing difficulty.

5) Emphasize Jesus is GOD, and Jesus is this ministry's objective, practice, focus, emphasis, source, help, guide, direction, inspiration, declaration, invigoration, and essence!

6) Enforce strict Godly integrity regarding FINANCES (i.e., clear guidelines for handling GOD's funds from the time of collection to deposit in the bank) and SAFETY (i.e., assuring that those who worship will be safe from physical and emotional harm).

7) Treat one another exactly like Jesus treated people is the "heart" of Living Exactly Like Jesus Baptist Church. Christlike conduct, not mere talk, is the ministry’s foundation.

8) Conduct and support missionary efforts and pursue various outreach opportunities including contributing to local and international charities (i.e., Red Cross, Volunteers of America, Feed the Children and our own SOS Children’s Village in Mombasa, Kenya).

9) Partner with local government (social services) and non-profit organizations in efforts to eradicate homelessness, feed and clothe the poor, support and mentor children and adults, and engage with our senior citizen communities. Local efforts include helping the less fortunate directly and via Laurel Advocacy and Referral Service, Inc., and GrassRoots/Rt.1 Day Center in Columbia, Maryland.

10) Pursue various “giving” opportunities to improve the lives of the needy!